We have a special interest in healthcare applications for SharePoint. We have over ten years solving health information problems. We’ve build applications for everything from nurse scheduling to secure circle-of-care communication to integrating EHRs and flowing data across health information systems.

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Brazen Bytes has worked with various government ministries both at the provincial and federal level. We’re proud to provide the very best service for our Canadian public servants. We have worked with the Department of National Defense, Protected A/B clients and more.

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In the new work environment, almost everyone’s job involves collaboration and knowledge work. It’s not just employees with desk jobs who need to use data and work together; the same applies to employees on the factory floor or a store associate in a retail setting.

Businesses like yours can benefit from a SharePoint solution, whether it’s on premise or in the cloud with Office 365. We’ve helped countless businesses reach their potential with our rock-solid implementation planning and enterprise content management solutions.